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DAY 18

Choose faith over fear.

Crushing the Comfort Zone- Katie Prejean McGrady

God isn't asking you to do a great thing. He's asking us to trust Him to do a great work within us.

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From Stacey: Some of my friends are doing AMAZING new things for the Lord. They're zealous and talented so I wanted to give them a shout-out here. You should check them out and subscribe!

Floriani Sacred Music Schola- beautiful sacred music for Holy Week and beyond (I admit, my brother Greg is part of this group based out of Thomas Aquinas College- but even if he wasn't, I'd give his group a shout out cos their sound is HEAVENLY.)

Cathoholics Podcast by Jacinta Florence (don't you just love the name?? And she has fantastic guests...yes one of them is me but there are tons of other better ones too! ;) )

The Catholic Commons Podcast by Lauren Montgomery (Lauren was one of our BNA speakers from day 13. She's also rocking out her new podcast ministry which you'll love if you're a new convert or a Catholic who feels like you never quite got equipped for LIFE with 8th grade catechesis. Highly recommend!)

Alto Podcast by Libertas by Leo Gallegos (Leo is one of the vendors in our Virtual Exhibit Hall and I know him to be a super GENEROUS and kingdom-minded individual. Go follow and support him! And his t-shirts are high quality and super cool!) 

Joy in Hope YouTube channel by Morgan Mueller (a faithful, relatable young lady on a mission! also check out her shop and blog at!)

Looking for a spouse? is a dating site for Catholics. Their mission is to facilitate friendships, marriages, and wholesome relationships that glorify God. Join their growing community of Catholic singles and see why Catholic leaders call them the faithful and attractive Catholic dating site with more ways to connect. Free til the end of April- hop on it!

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