Catholic Church Crisis- A Lay Millennial's Perspective and What to Do About It

Why are so few people talking about the crisis in the Catholic Church? To whom do we look for guidance when we are losing trust in the hierarchy? What are we angry about, anyway- and should we be?

If you're like me, you feel like you're taking crazy pills sometimes. I feel alone as I read the grim details of the scandal coming out, piling on top of each other, with no answer in sight. In this video I wanted to state how this crisis is affecting me and give you resources on who to follow to keep abreast of what's happening (as well as how to get started if you haven't heard much about the crisis yet.) Friends, there is hope. At the end I sing one of my favorite chants, the Salve Regina, putting our beloved Church under the patronage of Our Blessed Mother.

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Pray, pray, pray, and let's be SAINTS!

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