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About Stacey

As a cradle Catholic, faith has always played an important part in my life; however, when I began to follow my dreams of being a Broadway performer at age fifteen, I never stopped to ask the question, "God, what do you want for my life?" My focus was set on being the best- the most talented, the thinnest, the prettiest, and the smartest. For years I struggled with an eating disorder despite finding success booking the iconic Broadway National Tours of Beauty and the Beast and The Wizard of Oz (you should hear my munchkin character voice!)

I grew away from theater as I began to learn the Lord's peace and build a deeper relationship with him. Not only did this new adventure heal my long-standing self-worth issues, but it also led me to discern religious life (something my former self would have fled from FAST.) Not long afterward, I was asked to appear on Lifetime's Reality TV Series The Sisterhood: Becoming Nuns in 2014- something I never would have guessed I'd ever do! You can check out the highlights in the video below.

SumereauSJ (1 of 65).jpg

I'll never be able to adequately express what discerning religious life has done for me. Not only did it lead me to a transformative understanding of the wild, voracious love of Christ's heart, but surrendering to God's will shifted my perspective to understand that the real purpose of my life is to be a gift. And that that brings REAL fulfillment. Although I wasn't called to be a nun, discerning prepared me to give myself to my wonderful husband John (who wanted to be a monk for six years before we met!) and our sweet, energetic "Irish twins" (364 days apart...but who's counting?)

After the Reality TV Show concluded, I received messages from people all over the world asking me how to know God's will. I realized that many of the same misconceptions I had had, other people had too. And thus my speaking ministry began, with my first ever engagement being the National Catholic Youth Conference. (Talk about sweaty palms...!) My passion for it has only grown and my husband will attest I'm relentlessly committed to becoming the best speaker I can be for Jesus.


In 2018 I began the Called and Caffeinated Podcast in which I've been blessed beyond measure to sit down for coffee with many of the top Catholic authors, influencers, and speakers today. In 2019 I added my little online shop with hand-designed tees and prints to delight you and those you love, and also began building a Patreon community of INCREDIBLE, Christ-centered people who sustain my ministry and form friendships with each other. God is good, and HIS ADVENTURE AWAITS!

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