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Stacey has been featured on The Today Show, Fox and Friends, Access Hollywood, EWTN, ChurchPop, The National Catholic Register, Life Teen, the Busted Halo Show, and Entertaining Truth on Sirius XM, among others.
The Today Show

(OR, That time I coordinated perfectly with Hoda Kotb)

Fox and Friends 

(OR, That time I was featured right before Grumpy Cat and  right afterTed Cruz)

The Arlington Catholic Herald 

Excerpt: "You're asking yourself, 'What's most important in life?' 'Who am I without my cellphone, makeup, attention from men - all the worldly attachments we have?'"

Sumereau (nee Jackson) said the series shows the sisters as the beautiful, spunky and very real women they are. "People often see nuns as boring or drab," she said. "But I have never laughed so hard as when I was with these sisters. They really have a sense of joy, because they are not tied down to all the little attachments we have. They are so joyful, so caring. "These are not the stereotypes of nuns walking after students with rulers," she added, laughing. "They followed us around with chocolate."

Church Pop on Stacey's Viral Facebook Post- Over 23 Million Views!

Excerpt: Catholic speaker, podcaster, and television personality Stacey Sumereau shared an experience she had with her husband at her wedding reception – and the post went completely viral!

Instead of throwing her garter, her husband washed her feet.

Sumereau explained that “the garter toss signifies Eros,” which is “sexual attraction and a public hint of the private intimacy the newlyweds will enjoy.”

Her husband washed her feet because it signifies Jesus’ sacrificial love.

Life Teen Interview: "Discernment on Display"

Excerpt: "I remember how insecure I felt as a teenager. I haven’t arrived — it’s an ongoing process — but at 26 I can look back at all those moments and know that God had me the whole time.

Don’t be afraid to take risks and pray to understand the desires of your heart… no matter what others think of you or what is popular. Don’t feel like you have to please your friends to the point that it robs you of happiness or your individuality.

Ask God to show you the beauty in yourself because it’s there. He put it there. Keep asking and don’t give up."

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