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Jackie Francois. Bobby Angel. Mary Lenaburg. Joe Melendrez. Stacey Sumereau.               Fr. Joseph Gadberry., Sr, Miriam James Heidland. Taylor Schroll.... and more!

Choose faith over fear




March 16, 2020: Last week I hosted a birthday party for my two toddlers. As the kids frolicked outside in the beautiful sunshine, talk among the parents turned to coronavirus. It sounded other-wordly: Broadway shows closing, schools cancelled, and nursing homes shutting off visitors. The next day, my speaking engagements for the rest of the month were cancelled. A national state of emergency was declared. Grocery stores were out of butter, cheese, and toilet paper. What's going to happen? What's this elbow bump thing?

On Sunday our church was half-empty and people were spaced as far from each other as possible. The mood was cautious and fearful. I knew we were lucky even to be able to have mass. Many friends on social media lamented not being able to receive the Eucharist, and heartbreaking stories from Italy were heavy on my heart. I asked the Holy Spirit, What more can I do?

And, as the Holy Spirit does, he dropped a crazy, insane, amazing idea into my head. An online conference for all those who are anxious, afraid, bored, spiritually starving, or isolated. An opportunity to turn isolation into a fruitful retreat. Building deeper trust in God instead of a Netflix binge. A chance to grow spiritually this Lent, even for those without mass. Start now, the Holy Spirit said. Don't wait. Start this week. Within an hour I had it planned out in my head.


After mass I asked John and he said, "Do it babe!" So I began to reach out to everyone I know. Within a few hours, a number of top speakers had committed to providing talks. More keep coming in hourly. Y'all, the Holy Spirit is doing something epic here.

April 18, 2020: The Be Not Afraid Tribe closed out the Conference 13,000 souls strong! Come Holy Spirit!


Can I still join now that the Conference is over?

YES! When you opt in you'll immediately receive an email with over 40 inspiring videos and bonus content to help you KICK THE DEVIL IN THE FACE. Quarantine is far from over, so our amazing speakers have agreed to leave their videos up for the foreseeable future. Watch, watch, repeat!

You can also access the virtual exhibit hall for Catholic makers until 4.25.2020.

When do I watch, and what does it cost?

BNA is self-paced, meaning you can watch any time. Admission is either pay-as-you-wish or free. All speakers are giving their time and talent with no promise of monetary compensation- just giving out of the goodness of their hearts. I'd love to generously compensate them, but if you're not in a position to give, PLEASE still join. We want you here.

Who is Be Not Afraid for?

EVERYONE. We all have fear in common right now, and I know there will be something in this massive collaboration for everyone.

Are you ready? Join the Be Not Afraid Conference today. I can't wait to see you on the inside!

P.S. Can I count on you to help spread the word for those who need hope and calm? Forward this page to family and friends via email. Come find me on social media @staceysumereau and share my promotional posts on your account. Text people the link. Thank you in advance, friend, for being a channel of the Holy Spirit for those who need it.


Stacey Sumereau. Jackie Francois Angel. Bobby Angel. Mary Lenaburg. Leah Darrow. Fr. Rob Galea. Fr. Jared Cooke. Sr. Miriam James Heidland. Heather Khym. Michelle Benzinger. Liv Harrison. Fr. Barry Braum. Ali Hoffman. Johnny Philp. Maria Abbe. Melissa Grace Tablada. Kathryn Whitaker. Nick Dela Torre. Alina Dela Torre. Katie Prejean McGrady. Mike Tenney. Lauren Montgomery. Allison Sullivan. Fr. Stephen Gadberry. Joshua Mazrin. Annie Deddens. Joe Melendrez. Melissa Davies. Stephen Davies. Lindsay Schlegel. Taylor Schroll. Kelsey Skoch. Emily Stimpson Chapman. Marie Miller. Meg Hunter-Kilmer. Hannah Schaefer. Shannon Wendt. Mary Bielski. Josh Angrisano. Giancarlo Bernini. Ben Walther. Sarah Swafford. Andy Swafford.

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