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God's Adventure Awaits You

Looking for discernment skills for any life choice?

You have options...

Option 1: The Navigation Pass 
Discernment Talks From 40+ Top Presenters

Unlimited, on-demand access to all 40+ God's Adventure Awaits Summit Presentations- no rush! Watch and re-watch at your convenience.

Unlimited access to the Virtual Meet and Greet catalog of over 50 Religious Communities and Mission Organizations



Sr. Bethany Madonna

Jason Evert

Jackie and Bobby Angel

Fr. Timothy Gallagher

Stacey Sumereau

Fr. Gregory Pine, O.P.

Dr. Gerry Crete

Carmen Briceño

Dan and Amber DeMatte

Joe Melendrez

Fr. Stephen Gadberry 

Mary Lenaburg

Patrick Coffin

Jen Settle

Fr. Mark Goring

Clarissa Christensen

Fr. Rick Martignetti

Friar Alessandro Brustenghi

Shannon Wendt

Dr. Andrew and Sarah Swafford

Fr. Rob Galea

Sr. Helena Burns

Katie Prejean McGrady

Hannah Schaefer

Meg Hunter-Kilmer

Matt and Erin Ingold

Mike Tenney

Cameron Fradd

January Donovan

Alessandro DiSanto

Dominick Albano

Patrick Wille

Deacon Gerard-Marie Anthony

Sr. M Karolyn, FSGM

Meg Ashton

Melissa Grace Tablada

Beth Van de Voorde

Nick De La Torre

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Option 2:

True North Course

Complimentary Navigation Pass (unlimited, on-demand access to 40+ presentations)

PLUS True North Course Discernment Course

Decision-making skills for ANY life choice
5 modules, 3-4 videos per module (self-paced)

Worksheets that translate insight into action
Personalized guidance and goal-setting

Personalized progress coaching session with Stacey 

Meet True North Instructor Stacey Sumereau


Adulting is hard. Allow me to assist.

I witnessed my vocational discernment journey on TV in the Lifetime Reality SeriesThe Sisterhood: Becoming Nuns. Since then, I've spoken around the USA and interviewed many of today's foremost Catholic minds about finding purpose on the Called and Caffeinated Podcast.


I've received thousands of messages from young people around the world seeking their purpose. 

I know it's harder than ever to choose well with so many options and endless distractions. That's why I wrote True North.

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Is True North right for me?

If you wonder:

      How can I build an authentic life I love?

      How do I synthesize the life advice I've received?

      How can I stop going in circles?

      How do I know I'm on the right path?

      How can I make decisions stress-free?

...Then True North is for YOU!

True North is rooted in rich Catholic tradition and the wisdom of the Saints so you can make every life decision with clarity and peace.


Cast out into the deep.

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Sr. Mary Donovan

Vocation Director, Carmelite Sisters for the Aged and Infirm and Clinical Psychologist

As a Vocation Director, Spiritual Director and Psychotherapist, I highly recommend Stacey Sumereau's True North program to all who are discerning their calls or vocation. The worksheets and videos are intense and comprehensive. 


Dr. Andrew Whitmore 

Professor of Theology,

Christendom College

True North is not only theologically accurate, but also accessible and engaging. Its insightful reflections and candid testimonies will leave one inspired to approach life's major decisions with courage and faith in the love and guidance of the Most Holy Trinity.


Sr. Peter Lillian DiMaria

Director of the Avila Institute, Educational Arm of the Carmelite Sisters for the Aged and Infirm 

Stacey Sumereau provides a well-organized, reflective approach for anyone discerning their life choices. Her reflections, stories and assignments are helpful tools for those beginning or continuing the discernment process.

Course Summary

Module 1: Set Your Compass

  • The Navigation Model that orients us toward truth 

  • What’s in your department and what’s in God’s department 

  • How to expand your control

  • Set realistic, achievable goals

  • Clarify purpose

Module 2: Anchored in God

  • Gain deeper trust

  • What to say in prayer while discerning

  • How God speaks and what he says

Module 3: Your True Self

  • Identify your paradigms

  • Prepare to make your life a gift

  • Distinguish “normal” vs. excessive anxiety

  • Re-wire your brain for truth

Module 4: Wanderlust, Desires and Dreams

  • Feeling called to greatness? What to do about it

  • Integrate your desires with God’s desires

  • Find your deepest desires

  • Components of a regret-free life

  • Consolation and desolation: a tool to discern spirits

Module 5: Embark with Courage

  • How to decide anything peacefully

  • Interpreting potential signs from God

  • Seven tools of St. Ignatius you can use right now to make a good decision

  • The three good times to make a sound decision

Don't forget: When you sign up for True North, the Navigation Pass is included! (unlimited, on-demand access to 40+ presentations)

There simply isn't anything else like True North.

You could spend weeks researching Church writings, years reading self-help books, and thousands of dollars on life coaching...and still not be sure how of life's most important decisions.

Or you can gain wisdom, perspective, priorities, self-knowledge, and practical decision-making skills for a fraction of the time and price.

What They're Saying

"Hearing the voice of the Lord and making a commitment to follow can be a challenging and confusing process. True North provides practical steps, thought-provoking reflections, and action-oriented goals to make discernment manageable- highly recommend!"


"You want to discern your vocation? Thats great! But first, maybe you need to heal. Stacey's course beautifully brings you to a deeper understanding and healing of the relationship you have with God and the relationship you have with yourself. This helps to clearly start to hear what God is calling you to do."


"In a world that is often lost and directionless, Stacey points us True North. This incredible discernment course has not only reminded me of my destiny in Heaven but provided a powerful and relatable resource for how to get there while still experiencing true happiness here on earth."


"I get anxiety when I compare myself to the rest of the world and think about everything I should have accomplished by this point in my life. True North helps calm that anxiety and lets me stay grounded in the fact that no one else's opinion matters but God's and the only real priority in life is getting to Heaven."


The flagship True North Course in 2020 was taught in 13 countries worldwide. For the first time since 2020, the Course is now open for a limited time! Grab your spot now.

Adventure is calling.

True North Course + Navigation Pass

Best Value!


Navigation Pass


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