Stacey's talks make a dynamite impact. Her genuineness, energy, gift for storytelling, and relatable insights have garnered speaking engagements at the National Catholic Youth Conference, the LA Religious Education Congress, and diocesan and parish events around the country. Her unique style of incorporating singing and even optional fire-eating into her talks keeps audiences of every age engaged! 

Selected Topics

From Vocational Discernment to Daily Decisions: What Am I Doing With My Life?

Do you feel overwhelmed or anxious about decisions or feel that ‘something’s just not right’? Do you struggle with choices since you’re not sure what you want? If handing your life and decisions over to God scares you, then this talk is a must. Stacey will help you understand how to hear God's voice not just for your vocational discernment, but every single decision of your life. Learn about the three life-changing calls that will take anxiety out of decisions, lead you to the deepest desires of your heart, discover a completely authentic life, and equip you to make the choices you were born for.

Ideal for Theology on Taps, vocations events, diocesan retreats, young adult events, schools and colleges, and parish events

Whose Reflection Do You See in the Mirror?

Do you sometimes wish you could be someone else? Do you wish God had made you prettier, sexier or more popular? Does comparing yourself to other people hold you back from feeling truly free and happy? Our culture lies to us every day and attempts to tear us away from the beautiful vision God has for us. Despite a successful career as a touring Broadway performer, Stacey underwent years of self-image anxiety and comparison culminating in an eating disorder. She will arm you with effective strategies to reclaim your true identity and win the lifelong battle for self-worth.

Ideal for teen retreats or events, women's conferences, schools and colleges, parishes and diocesan retreats

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The Today Show

That time I wore the same color as Hoda by accident

Fox and Friends 

That time I was featured before Grumpy Cat and after Ted Cruz

The Arlington Catholic Herald 
Life Teen Interview: "Discernment on Display"

Excerpt: "You're asking yourself, 'What's most important in life?' 'Who am I without my cellphone, makeup, attention from men - all the worldly attachments we have?'"

Sumereau (nee Jackson) said the series shows the sisters as the beautiful, spunky and very real women they are. "People often see nuns as boring or drab," she said. "But I have never laughed so hard as when I was with these sisters. They really have a sense of joy, because they are not tied down to all the little attachments we have. They are so joyful, so caring. "These are not the stereotypes of nuns walking after students with rulers," she added, laughing. "They followed us around with chocolate."

Excerpt: "I remember how insecure I felt as a teenager. I haven’t arrived — it’s an ongoing process — but at 26 I can look back at all those moments and know that God had me the whole time.

Don’t be afraid to take risks and pray to understand the desires of your heart… no matter what others think of you or what is popular. Don’t feel like you have to please your friends to the point that it robs you of happiness or your individuality.

Ask God to show you the beauty in yourself because it’s there. He put it there. Keep asking and don’t give up."

Stacey has also been featured on Access Hollywood, EWTN News, the Busted Halo Show, and Entertaining Truth on Sirius XM, among others.

Stacey was very well received by the young people as one of our workshop speakers at NCYC. So well in fact, that we invited her back to do more!

She was a joy to work with and her enthusiasm is refreshing.

~Michael Thiesen, Director of Ministry Formation, National Federation of Catholic Youth Ministry

Stacey is the type of speaker that our church NEEDS. Having seen her speak to teens and adults, I can attest that her influence is long--lasting. Her enthusiasm and love are genuine. I have no doubt that God has placed Stacey in this role to genuinely impact our beautiful Church.

~Dave Neeson, Coordinator of Youth Ministry, Louisville KY 

Having Stacey come and speak to our Parish about her paths on her journey provides much of the insight needed to assist our parishioners on their own journeys, regardless of age or place in life. Her approach to telling her story is profound and meaningful for anyone, from middle schoolers beginning their faith journey to adults who have journeyed for many years.

~Brendan Bagley, Director  of High School Education, Our Lady of Victory Parish, State College, PA

Stacey was wonderful at our event! Very talented, right on with our theme. Great with the kids.  They loved her.  My team loved her also! ~Kathy Loney, Diocese of Fargo


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