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A FREE Virtual Summit Unlike Any Other

Set your compass. Envision your future.

The Summit has ended, but you can still have access! Scroll down for more information on the Navigation Pass.

If you're wondering:

"How do I find my calling?"

"How do I hear God's voice?"

"What if God's plan for me is something I'll dislike?"

"I've been waiting a long time. Am I doing something wrong?"

"What happens if I miss my calling?"

The God's Adventure Awaits Summit is where 40+ of the world's best speakers answer your burning questions. Totally free.


Sr. Bethany Madonna

Jason Evert

Jackie and Bobby Angel

Fr. Timothy Gallagher

Stacey Sumereau

Fr. Gregory Pine, O.P.

Dr. Gerry Crete

Carmen Briceño

Dan and Amber DeMatte

Joe Melendrez

Fr. Stephen Gadberry 

Mary Lenaburg

Patrick Coffin

Jen Settle

Fr. Mark Goring

Clarissa Christensen

Fr. Rick Martignetti

Friar Alessandro Brustenghi

Shannon Wendt

Dr. Andrew and Sarah Swafford

Fr. Rob Galea

Sr. Helena Burns

Katie Prejean McGrady

Hannah Schaefer

Meg Hunter-Kilmer

Matt and Erin Ingold

Mike Tenney

Cameron Fradd

January Donovan

Alessandro DiSanto

Dominick Albano

Patrick Wille

Deacon Gerard-Marie Anthony

Sr. M Karolyn, FSGM

Meg Ashton

Melissa Grace Tablada

Beth Van de Voorde

Nick De La Torre

Selected Summit Topics:

How to Hear God Speak

Is God's Will for Me ONLY Sacrifice?

Consecrated Virginity

How Will I Know the Right Choice?

Spiritual Motherhood and Fatherhood

Overwhelmed? Getting Unstuck

Overcoming Fear of Wasting Time

Setting Dating Standards

Is Celibate Life Fulfilling?

Finding Your Mission in the Waiting

Overcoming Fear of Commitment

Nuts and Bolts of Decision-Making

Spiritual Direction

Finding Fulfillment in an Imperfect World

Spiritual Motherhood

Contemplative Prayer Anyone Can Do

Sex Life in Marriage

Is This Relationship is Marriage-Bound?


Introducing the world's first virtual meet & greet with religious communities & mission organizations

46 Religious communities and mission organizations in our catalog would love to meet you!

It's a one-stop shop to browse, consider, and pray about your next steps.

No strings attached.

No travel, no cost, and minimal time commitment to explore so many options. Connecting to your future path couldn't be easier.

Is the Summit just for those discerning religious life or mission work?

Not at all! There are resources for anyone seeking marriage, priesthood or consecrated single life, or who aren't sure of their calling.

Who's the Summit for?

If you haven't yet entered a vocation, this summit is for YOU!

        High school


        Young adults

        Catechists and their groups

What do I get with the Navigation Pass?

The free initial Summit weekend is over, but by purchasing the Navigation Pass you'll receive unlimited, on-demand access to the Meet and Greet catalog as well as 40+ presentations until Aug 2, 2021.

Questions? contact

What if I need more guidance?

Information doesn't always equal transformation.


Enter True North, Stacey Sumereau's acclaimed decision-making course.

Five-week course begins Aug 24.

Doors are open NOW! Discover your purpose, passion and peace. 

Can I access the talks after August 2?

Yes! We'll get you all that info after you register for your free Summit experience.

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