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  • Stacey Sumereau

FREE Inspirational Quote Graphics Celebrating 25 Episodes of Called and Caffeinated!

I cannot BELIEVE it's been 25 episodes! I will be spending the day dancing in my pink unicorn onesie. Hope you have something equally fun planned. 💃🏽

First, here's are five super quick ways you can help support my ministry:

  • Write an iTunes review (seriously, it takes 10 seconds)

  • Share C&C with your friends!

  • Become my Caffeinated Crony on Patreon- you get exclusive access to my new Faith and lifestyle show, Coffee Sips

  • Press the SUBSCRIBE button at the top of this page and get a whole load o' handy discernment tips including the life-changing prayer of surrender. Plus an email every 2 weeks so you never miss an episode of C&C

  • PRAY for my ministry!

Okay, now on to the fabulous stuff....

There are so many incredible quotes from my guests, so to help you kick off the beginning of your school year/beginning of Fall- here are pics you can resize, post, repost, paste around your dorm room or bedroom, decorate a notebook with, WHATEVER. God has brought me incredible guests and I want you to live in the hope of the Gospel they have done such an incredible job proclaiming. When you feel overwhelmed in your decision-making, I want to do whatever I can to help point you in the way of clarity, right relationship, peace, and joy!


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