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Apostles of the Sacred Heart of Jesus





Teaching, Homeless Ministry, Nursing, Parish Ministry, Missionary Evangelization Work, Immigration Support

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Hamden, Connecticut...The Bronx, New York...Greensburg, Pennsylvania...Waterford, Ireland...Pensacola, Florida

Patron Saints/Famous Saints of the Community

Our Patron Saints are: St. Peter, St. Paul and St. Margaret Mary Alacoque. Famous saints we pray to also include: St. Frances de Sales and St. Francis Xavier-to name a few!!


To share the love of Christ with all those we meet!!!!


Blessed Clelia Merloni founded our Congregation in 1894 to honor the Sacred Heart of Jesus and spread this devotion. She wanted an order established that would 1.) adore Christ in prayer 2.) spread that love to the whole world-especially to the poor and vulnerable. She named us 'Apostles' because we are sent out on mission (we are an International Congregation) to take His love to all corners of the world.

Prayer Life

Every day we gather together in community for the celebration of the Mass. We also daily pray the Liturgy of the Hours (Morning, Evening and Night), the rosary and have time for contemplative, quiet prayer.


We have a special devotion to the Sacred Heart of Jesus. We participate in this devotion by honoring first fridays of each month, participating in a novena leading up to the feastday of the Sacred Heart of Jesus, reading spiritual books to strengthen this devotion, and serving those who are most poor and vulnerable in order to practice reparation in our suffering world. We pray vocal prayers each day in community seeking God's special care for priests and for all those we minister to and with.

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