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Poor Clare Missionary Sisters of the Blessed Sacrament




Semi-cloistered, Active

Pro-life, teaching, homeless ministry, nursing, Pastoral, education, health, media, spiritual assistance to prisoners, university residence (Dublin & Spain), retreat/pilgrim houses, (Rome)

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Vocation Directress Sr. Clara Garcia (573) 300-9969

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Regional Convent in California in the Diocese of Orange (Santa Ana). We are also present in the Archdiocese of Los Angeles, and in the Diocese of Springfield – Cape Girardeau in Missouri (Vocation office). General House in Rome, Mother House in Mexico. Furthermore, we are abroad in fourteen countries with sixty four convents.

Patron Saints/Famous Saints of the Community

Our Patroness is Lady of Guadalupe.
St. Joseph(co-patronage), St. Francis of Assisi(co-patronage),
St. Clare of Assisi (co-patronage), and St. Therese of the Lisieux (co-patronage).


Our Charism is missionary.
Our Spirituality is: Eucharistic, Marian, Priestly, Missionary, all this lived in simplicity and joy.


The Poor Clare Missionary Sisters of the Blessed Sacrament was founded by Mother Ma. Inés Teresa Arias in Cuernavaca, Morelos, in México in 1945 and approved by the Holy See on June 22, 1951. We are religious consecrated to God with vows of poverty, chastity and obedience that live in community. Our Charism is contemplative & missionary to fuse Martha and Mary, as a one single soul. We are dedicated to the external works framed in a picture of interior life.
Our motto is “Christ Must Reign.”
Joyfulness characterizes the community: “From the moment she rises up…the heart and soul of the Poor Clare Missionary sister is like a harmonious harp, and vibrates for her God.” (Blessed Mother Maria Ines)

Foundress: Blessed Mother María Inés Teresa Arias was born on Nayarit (México). She entered religious life in 1929 as a cloistered Poor Clare nun. After sixteen years, she received a call from God to start a new Missionary Congregation Contemplative and Active. In 1951 the time came to leave in all directions, thus beginning the series of foundations between Christians and non-Christians: in different states of México, United States, Japan, Africa, Indonesia, Italy, Costa Rica, Ireland… She was a Eucharistic soul. She always lived as a faithful daughter of the Catholic Church, guided by the hand of the Virgin Mary of Guadalupe. She died in Rome on July 22, 1981. Her legacy is a missionary family of sisters, priests and lay persons called Inesian Family, spread through the five continents. She left us a testimony of generous dedication and service to the Church.

Prayer Life

We are contemplative and active.
Jesus in the Blessed Sacrament is the center of the life of our congregation.
As Poor Clare contemplative sisters, we dedicate ourselves to daily silence prayer in the morning and evening; as well as daily adoration in silence, taking turns of thirty minutes in the morning.
We pray daily the Divine Office together as community: lauds or morning prayer, Vespers or evening prayer, and night prayer.
Daily prayer of Holy Rosary in community.
Daily personal meditation on the Way of the Cross.
On Fridays, meditation on the Way of the Cross in community.
Once a week we have nightly adoration taking turns of one hour until next morning. Spiritual retreats once a month, and spiritual exercises once a year for a week.


• Yearly celebration of our blessed Mother Foundress Solemnity on June 22nd together with the lay and consecrated members of our Inesian Family.
• Yearly celebrations for advent season (The O Antiphons in Latin and the Posadas).
• Solemn celebration for the Triduum.
• We just to sing in Latin in special occasions.
• We communicate worldwide through chronicles.
• We honor in gratefulness the sisters who serve as superiors with a day of recognition.
• We sing a welcoming song in Spanish when a new person walks into our convent for the first time.

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