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Sisters of the Precious Blood





Pro-life, teaching, homeless ministry, nursing, any profession

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Jenna Legg (Vocation Coordinator): 937-974-0626

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Dayton, Ohio (Motherhouse); Cincinnati, Ohio; Cleveland, Ohio; areas in California & Michigan; Chicago, Illinois; Denver, Colorado; Guatemala & Chile

Patron Saints/Famous Saints of the Community

St. Gaspar del Buffalo is the founder of the Missionaries of the Precious Blood and inspired Mother Brunner's devotion.


Our devotion to the Precious Blood of Jesus is nourished in Eucharistic Adoration and lived out in our ministries as a reconciling presence in our world.


Our foundress, Mother Brunner, was a widowed mother of six, who devoted her life to pilgrimages and helping the poor once her children were grown. Attracted by her witness of prayer & works of mercy, other women gathered around her to form the Sisters of the Precious Blood in 1836. In 1844, the Sisters came to the US to minister to German immigrants with the Missionaries of the Precious Blood (the male counterparts).

Prayer Life

Our communal prayer is rooted in the Eucharistic liturgy. Daily Mass and adoration are encouraged. We also meditate on the blood-sheddings of Christ and draw ourselves into the Paschal Mystery in prayer and lived experiences.


Our foundress balanced a life of prayer and works of justice. We continue to strive for this balance in ministry, prayer and community life.

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