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PRAYER OF SURRENDER- 8x10 Physical Print (Color OR Black and White)

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Product Details

After hearing Stacey's discernment talk, people always request a copy of the Prayer of Surrender! This is an 8x10 physical print of a hand-drawn, hand-painted work of art that will be mailed to you.

Symbology: The artwork features oak branches, leaves, and acorns. Oak trees with their spreading branches and deep roots symbolize wisdom, strength, and endurance. The wisest thing we can do in this life is to plant the seed of trust in God and persistently cultivate it to a solid, unshakeable foundation. Just as we must die to ourselves, the leaves are in full Autumn color, about to fall and die. However, that death gives way to new life and growth. Surrendering to God's plan leads to a death to self, but that very death allows new possibilities of life and growth.

  • Please choose either full color or black and white (you can leave it as is or color it yourself!)
  • Please allow 5-7 business days for delivery
  • Print arrives on sturdy cardboard backing and covered by durable plastic sleeve
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