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Clarissa Christensen

Finding Your Belovedness

As a Catholic, do you sometimes feel like dating in today’s world is a tricky and sometimes scary undertaking? I definitely have. We are often told our dating standards are too high, unrealistic, or that we are just way too picky. Taking in so many opinions by other people can often cloud your judgement and leave you feeling insecure about your dating prospects. In Finding Your Belovedness, we are going to explore who God says you are, and root your dating standards in the value God has placed on you instead of on how the world views you.


Hey y'all! My name is Clarissa Christensen. I'm a born and raised Texan, a lover of coffee, my hammock, and of course Jesus. I've been chasing God's will for my life since moving across the state for college, and while I'm bummed I didn't earn my Mrs. Degree while I was there, I was able to discover my self-worth, and became a licensed therapist so I could help other women do the same. It's my mission to help all single women to see the adventure, passion, and purpose available to them right now.

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If you like what you heard today, you can now visit my website to book me as a speaker for your next event! If you'd like to understand yourself and your dating life better, you can purchase my book, "Worthy: Learning to Date in a World that Tells You You're Not Enough."



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