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Erin and Matt Ingold

Overwhelmed?! How to get decisive

Overwhelm and indecision are some of the greatest culprits to staying stuck in our lives. So often, we see it as if we have become victims of being "stuck" in overwhelm and indecision, as if it's just something that happens to us. But it doesn't just happen to us, it's a choice, it's our choice. Join Matt and Erin as they walk you through the very practical process of asserting your free will, the way that God intended it.


Matt and Erin Ingold reside in upstate New York, with their sweet daughter Avila. They are the owners and co-founders of Metanoia Catholic, a Catholic Coaching Company dedicated to helping their clients become students of their interior lives and be transformed by the renewing of their minds (Romans 12:2). They do this by integrating classical mindset coaching techniques and combining them with the best practices, prayer, and rich truths of our Roman Catholic faith.

Matt, is a graduate of the United States Naval Academy, former Marine officer, and Catholic teacher and speaker. Erin is a Franciscan University of Steubenville graduate with a degree in Theology, and a Catholic Coach. Through Metanoia Catholic, both offer their combined 30 years of ministerial experience toward helping their clients bring Jesus into their interior lives and become co-authors with God in the Greatest Story Ever Told.

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Erin and Matt

Are you being a good steward of your mind at the moment?

While the mainstream media certainly doesn't help, WE can actually be our own worst enemy when it comes to finding peace and trust.

We invite you to learn some simple techniques to finding peace amidst troubling times in our webinar, Catholic Mind Management in Challenging Times.



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