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Gerry Crete, PhD

Overcoming Anxiety to Discover God's Call

Dr. Crete explores the science behind anxiety and its origins in trauma. He walks you through the steps of calming anxieties while rediscovering and recalling our true identities as sons and daughters of God the Father. Dr. Crete then offers a unique perspective in discovering where God is calling us to live out our vocations with freedom and peace.


Dr. Gerry Crete is a marriage and family therapist and professional counselor specializing in the treatment of trauma and addictions, as well as marriage counseling and treatment of clergy and religious. Dr. Crete is the founder of Transfiguration Counseling ( which provides video counseling and has offices in north Atlanta, GA. He is also the co-founder of Souls and Hearts ( which is an online platform providing mental health education to Catholics through courses, podcasts and blogs. Dr. Crete earned his doctorate from the University of Georgia. Dr. Crete has been married for 28 years, and he has three grown children.

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If you are stuck not knowing where God is calling you because of anxiety, depression, an addiction, or just indecision, this problem won't improve on its own. Clinical psychologist Dr. Mark Glafke and marriage and family therapist Dr. Gerry Crete help you create a life plan to overcome the human elements that get in the way of living out your true vocation. Sign up for our course at and begin the journey to make life worth living.



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