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Hannah Schaefer

Discerning & Dreaming

In my session, I walk my audience through what it was like discerning my career in music as a teenager and into my early twenties. I play 3 originals that were written & recorded early in my career, along with some of my new content off of my latest record. I also discuss how God helped me discern my vocation to marriage and how the rosary saved our relationship while doing long-distance. This talk is meant to encourage dreamers & remind us that our goal is to get to Heaven, through whichever vocation He calls us to.


Hannah Schaefer is a rising female role model and compelling Contemporary Christian Artist in the Catholic Church. She is a passionate speaker & a multi international award-winning singer/songwriter.
“I’ve always had a close connection with the Lord” Schaefer says. “Even as a child I always BELIEVED. It wasn’t until I was a Freshman in high school when I struggled with bullies, depression and insecurity that I fully encountered the love of Jesus. It was after falling head over heels in love with my Savior that I knew I had to sing for Him and devote my life to sharing the Gospel with the world!
Schaefer has opened for renowned Christian artists such as Matt Maher, Matthew West, Fr. Rob Galea, Mac Powell, Building 429, and more touring internationally and playing over 500 shows across the United States.

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Hey HanFam! This year I released my first full-length album titled "Who I Am". This album is comprised of songs that are centered around the theme of self-discovery and identity. It's through writing & recording these songs that I came to know the fullness of my self-worth in Jesus Christ. I hope that they bring you joy, peace and bring you endless kitchen dance parties.



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