Katie Prejean McGrady

Discernment in Daily Life

We often think of discerning in relation to just the "big moments." But we're called to have a discerning spirit and spirit-led attitude when we make all sorts of decisions, big or small. How do we become more docile and open to the Spirit, focusing on hearing his voice as we move through daily life?


Katie Prejean McGrady is an international Catholic speaker and award winning author. She travels extensively around the world speaking to audiences of all ages and sizes about faith, culture, family, evangelization, youth and young adult ministry, education, and discipleship. Katie is the project manager of Ave Explores, an initiative from Ave Maria Press, as well as a columnist for Catholic News Service and a writer for Blessed is She. Katie hosts 2 podcasts: Ave Explores and Ave Weekly. She has her degree in Theology from the University of Dallas and lives in Louisiana with her family.

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