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Nick De La Torre

YOU: A Super Hero's Origin Story

We seem to have a never ending fascination with the stories of super human men and women who virtuously defend the innocent and rise above their challenges. Who amongst us doesn't want to be great? To have supernatural power? To be virtuous heroes? This cultural obsession with Marvel and DC heroes points to one thing. We were made for more than this. The best path to adventure, power, and purpose can be found in the Catholic faith.


“Nick as a speaker at a conference, retreat or event, will bring a solid message, a strong understanding of and fidelity to the Church, and a witness of authentic discipleship.” - Bishop Daniel E. Thomas
A classically trained vocalist, Nick spent much of his youth and academia with the aspiration of becoming an opera singer. That is, until he encountered the Lord. Nick gave up the career he had been working towards to become a youth minister, then church music director, then pastoral associate, then director of marriage and family life ministries for the Diocese of Toledo. During its two-year run, Nick was the co-host of the internationally acclaimed podcast “The Catholic SIP.” Around the country Nick has served as speaker and musician for Dynamic Catholic, Renewal Ministries, Extraordinary Mission and Life Teen retreats, conferences and events. Today Nick serves as the president of AWAKEN Catholic ( as well as writing and producing music for musicians from around the country. Nick’s music can be found at and on all streaming services.

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