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Patrick Coffin

What the Culture War Is Really About

What is "the culture war" being fought over? While politics (taxes, government size, censorship, gun control, Constitutional debates) are not unimportant, author and podcaster Patrick Coffin says the deeper war is really over the meaning and purpose of sex. On one hand, some say sex has no inherent meaning (or it has any meaning you want to give it). On the other side, there is the view that sex has objective meaning, which can be known by reason and by what God reveals. In this talk, "Contraception vs the Culture of Life," author and co-founder of the Coffin Nation culture-building community uncovers the biblical and philosophical sources for the Catholic sexual ethic—and its enormous benefits for married couples. As the former dissenter will explain, it turns out not to be a "Catholic thing," but a human thing.


Patrick Coffin is the host of The Patrick Coffin Show, a podcast on faith
and culture heard in over 100 countries. The former host of Catholic
Answers Live radio show, Patrick has interviewed top influencers, such
as Dr. Jordan B. Peterson, two-time Academy Award winner Kevin
Costner, Fox News host and author Tucker Carlson, Emmy Award
winning singer-actor, Harry Connick, Jr, Rock and Roll Hall of Famer
Dion DiMucci; composers Morten Lauridsen and Sir James
MacMillan,  New York Timeswriter Ross Douthat, horror novelist Dean
Koontz, four presidential candidates, and top Vatican cardinals.
He is also the author of The Contraception Deception; Stay Cool When the
Argument Heats Up; How To Handle Haters; and Once Saved Not Always
Saved. In 2016 he produced the noir drama Call of the Void, starring
James Morrison and Mojean Aria. Patrick lives in Orange County, CA,
where he runs the culture-building membership site

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