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Shannon and Zach Wendt

Jesus, Be The Center- Seasons Change But Our Focus Shouldn't

Two youth group kids, we started our relationship in the right way, in front of the Eucharist multiple times each week discerning our vocation together. Once we knew God was calling us to marriage, we took our focus off of prayer. We didn’t establish a solid foundation of prayer in our marriage, and when storms came, our relationship with each other and with God suffered. Anger and addiction took hold. It was Our Lady who mothered each of us, leading us to peace and healing and ultimately restoration in Christ. And it’s still a work in progress. We prayed and discerned well, and once we know God’s will for our vocation, we took our foot off the gas and thought we could coast. We don’t have to discern our vocation anymore but we need to continually discern how to love.


Zach and Shannon Wendt were youth group sweethearts... j/k Shannon punched Zach in the shoulder freshman year and it took him 4yrs to get over it and realize they were meant to be. 18 years later they're best friends, have 7 kids, a mini hobby farm, and run a few businesses together. Zach is a Real Estate coach and Shannon is the CEO and founder of Our Lady and the Rosary changed their lives in such a profound way that it sparked a desire to spread the Rosary to the world. Chews Life was born out of that desire! Chews Life creates beautiful, durable Rosaries for men, women, children and babies. All handmade by a team of artisans in West Michigan.

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Shannon and Zach

Our mission is to equip all Catholics with Rosaries for LIFE! We employ local Catholic artisans to make Rosaries for all ages! Soft Rosaries for littles, sturdy Rosaries for bigger kids, and gemstone Rosaries and Rosary bracelets for men and women!



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